My journey from addiction & hopelessness into freedom & healing

At 14 years old Staci took her first drink and was hooked. Abandoned by her mother, feeling unloved and unwanted, she found comfort in alcohol.

When tragedy stuck her life, she was sent into a spiral of self-destruction.Crawling out of the darkness, she finds hope and is sent on a journey to discover freedom and healing through a relationship with Jesus.

This is a powerful story of recovery and redemption. Staci’s story tells of the great love God has for each of us and the lengths He will go to rescue us from our prisons.

Following God even when it hurts

Called by God to do what seemed impossible, to run the Auckland and the Paris marathons. Staci went on a journey of physical and mental preparation as she embarked on a challenging adventure that took her to other side of the world.

When the experience did not turn out as she had expected, she was disillusioned and confused, with more questions than answers.

An honest account of what it is like to follow the call of God and to struggle through even when it hurts. This is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance and the victory that comes when you are say ‘yes’ to God.

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