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Have you ever felt hopeless and trapped?

Do you want more out of life?

I was a hopeless addict, depressed and in pain, trapped by my past and my failures.  Feeling unloved and insignificant. But I knew there must be more to life and so I went on a mission to gain purpose and healing. 

What I found was hope, freedom and happiness. I have been in recovery from alcohol addiction for over 20 years and I am passionate about sharing my story and encouraging others to find freedom, healing and peace and develop a greater understanding of God’s love and grace throughout their own journeys.

Let's learn and grow together and have a life full of fun, joy and purpose.  


The Unburdened Warrior Programme is a new programme designed for Christian women who feel weighed down, overwhelmed, and held captive in their own lives or by their pasts. 

Learn to let go of your baggage, release the weight of your burdens and be a warrior for Jesus.



Keynotes and Workshops

available on variety of topics including,

Finding Hope and Freedom

Recovery from addiction

Grief and emotional healing

Uncovering your purpose

Following God’s calling even when it hurts

Writing your story so people will read it

How to write a book in just a few weeks

Overcoming Excuses

Unburdened Warrior

Each topic can be tailored for different types of events. Also available for workshops and Q&A sessions

For speaking bookings email info@stacimclean.co.nz

past events & workshops




I recently heard Staci McLean speak at a ladies function. Staci is an excellent speaker. She comes across as very sincere & keeps her audience interested, the whole time, also using simple visuals. She has a very moving testimonial & she is an inspiration to listen to.

T. Fincham, AUCKLAND.

It was such a pleasure to have Staci as the speaker at our recent women’s retreat. Staci is very authentic and honest as a communicator, using very real, interesting and relevant life stories and experiences to illustrate her points. She delivered her inspirational messages in a very easy going, straight forward manner, and ended each message with a thought-provoking question or challenge which encouraged us all to apply what we had learned to our own lives.

Rachel Cogger, AUCKLAND

Thanks Stacey for speaking at our church Women’s Retreat themed around Hope. Your testimony of a life that a risen from a place of loss, despair, depression and addiction to a journey of hope and restoration when traveled with Christ had many lessons for each one of us. I saw that your courage and commitment to Jesus was encouraging to me and will be for others you share with. So appreciate your honesty being open to those who read your book and listened to your story.


Staci McLean has a very real and touching story of her journey out of alcohol addiction to a stable Christian with a happy healthy family life.  She came to speak to our group (4Cs) for seniors at the Whangarei Central Baptist Church, and her message was well received by our 70 + members.  One thing that impressed us all was the calm way that Staci fitted into our program despite a significant car accident as she traveled up to us from Auckland. This showed that she had learnt to rely on God and trust Him for inner peace for daily living. Her testimony is relevant to many people in our society.

Maybeth Roberts, WHANGAREI



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