Love Workouts

I have signed up to do a half marathon in March.  I have done a few in the past but not for 2 or 3 years so I definitely need to train for it.

Training for a half marathon generally involves 4 types of workouts – speed, hills, long and easy.  Speed workouts are shorter and faster to increase your pace.  Hills increase your endurance and fitness.  Long slow workouts help you be ready to cover the distance of a half marathon and easy is a workout but comfortable and enjoyable.  Each training workout is designed to develop different skills and abilities. All together they make doing a challenge like a half marathon possible, not just to finish but to enjoy the journey and finish well.

Similarity in our lives if we want to develop perseverance, stamina, strength and tenacity, there are challenges that we must face to build these skills.  Just like the workouts, we need different type of experiences to develop a variety of important life skills.

We will face speed challenges, those situations that require us to react quickly and respond immediately. It might be a highly stressful situation which does not last awfully long but requires all our energy and attention at the times. 

And we will face the hills, the ups and downs of life.  Sometimes we cruise downhill and then we need to put our heads down and give it a burst of energy as we face an uphill battle.

And there will be times when we are in for the long slow challenge.  Those projects, dreams, or situations when we need to persevere and pace ourselves during periods of extended challenge or struggle.  We are in for the long stretch and slow and steady wins this race.

And then in between we will have times when it is easy. Times when life is in cruise mode, breathing space.  We can take a moment to enjoy and be grateful for all that we have.

All these different seasons and experiences we have in our live create our character and develop our resistance.  God gives us opportunities to grow and learn for our benefit, these challenges and trials might seem like a bad thing, but they are not.  They give us the ability to grow stronger and be ready for the future.  Love the workouts.

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